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Frustrated spending your valuable time-off shopping for your next vehicle purchase? Sick of misleading and confusing information or haven’t got the time to shop around? Can't get the deal you want? Don't fall into the Dealer/Private trap... Save time, money and let us take care of your next purchase for you!


Find That can take the stress out of purchasing your next vehicle! No more uncomfortable situations dealing with Sales staff steering you towards what they want you to purchase instead of buying what you want! At Find That we make a genuine effort to make your next purchase go your way! All you have to do is simply call us on 1300 888 688 to discuss your requirements. Our professional, caring staff will assist you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! GUARANTEED!!! You the Customer will still have the full control of the sales process; we will only assist to ensure that you have a positive and enjoyable experience.... Our auto search service will locate, negotiate and organise delivery for your next vehicle purchase...


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My husband and I would like to thank the team at Find That for purchasing our beautiful new car for us! We needed a newer and safe car before the birth of our first child, so like everyone else who do… Read More

  • Meg and Vikas
  • Nissan X-Trail
Meg and Vikas